About us

Our Company "Industrielle Produkte GmbH" was founded 2002. The Headquarter

is in Hildesheim. We are a professional electronic components and ESD Material distributor

for many years. Now we have an extensive international network with a large assortment.


Our Company Philosophy will provide good stability product, good quality product,

short lead-time and good service.


We look forward to your inquiry and the cooperation.


We are the European Distributor for the                                                              Global  Leader in RFIC Technology "Rafael Micro"

Rafael Micro focuses on technological innovation, expertising in DC-20GHz RF CMOS and the mixed signal design for RF silicon tuners as well as satellite out-door unit applications. In this fast-growing consumer product market, they seek to bring best-in-class broad-band receiving and GHz RF design techniques. They strive to build and sustain the position as a leading provider of highly integrated silicon tuners, Ku-band down-converters, multi-switches and multi-receiver technologies. Rafael Micro design and produce cost-efficient semiconductor chips for the consumer products market and customized operator market.



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